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Free Gardening Info
by Nancy Castleman

These catalogues are full of useful information, and well worth getting:

Seed Savers Exchange (3076 North Winn Road, Decorah, IA 52101, 563-382-5990). The catalogue will come with an invitation to join the Exchange and help save the heirloom seeds that are quickly disappearing, because commercial growers turn more and more to hybrids. How else could a tomato make it in one piece from southern FL to upstate NY, residing at the bottom of a tractor trailer? By reoffering heirlooms, like we do, you'll be able to purchase seeds from other members for just a buck.

Johnny's Selected Seeds (955 Benton Avenue, Winslow, ME 04901, 207-861-3901). Highly recommended.

Stokes Seeds (PO Box 548, Buffalo, NY 14240, 800-396-9238).

Park's Seeds (1 Parkton Ave, Greenwood, SC 29647, 800-845-3369).

Miller Nurseries (5600 West Lake Road, Canadaigua, NY 14424, 800-836-9630) for fruit and nut trees. Marc's daughter, Sharon, treated us to the aforementioned filberts from Miller's. We were impressed by the condition of the trees when they arrived as well as by the planting information that accompanied them.

If you're interested in growing flowers, I also recommend the Thompson & Morgan catalogue (PO Box 1308, Jackson, NJ 08527, 800-274-7333). Although I rarely spring for their pricey seeds, the info is great!

Tip: When you call, write, or email these companies (or any others, for that matter), be sure to state that you don't want your name and address rented, traded, or sold. For our other tips on how to stop the deluge, get our booklet, Stop Junk Mail Forever (Telemarketing and Spam, Too)."

Reprinted from The Pocket Change Investor© 2003, Marc Eisenson & Nancy Castleman

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