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Good Advice for a Price
By Nancy Castleman

Even if I do say so myself, Marc and I make complicated, sometimes overwhelming subjects easier to understand. Could you or someone you know benefit by having some of our time and energy focused solely on a particular problem or opportunity -- be it a personal finance, business, lifestyle, or health issue? In the same way you might hire a personal trainer at the gym, we can get you on the right track. We can also save you time, money, and grief. For example, say you need info and advice about how to:

Get up to speed on a newly diagnosed disease without reinventing the wheel. People knowledgeable about their disease and involved in treatment decisions have better outcomes than people who are more passive. We can do the initial research for you, or guide you through the maze. When Marc and I researched breast cancer treatment options, following my diagnosis back in 1990, it was much more difficult to do than it is today. We made conscious choices about my treatment, and I'm sure glad we did. Otherwise, I don't think I'd be here today!

Develop a Web site for your small business without it taking years or costing you an arm and a leg. A few hours worth of email exchanges and phone calls with us will help you get the site you want, sooner and cheaper, whether you design it yourself or work with a pro. Marc designed this Web site, as well as the site for Just Alan, his brother's wonderful gift store in Woodstock, NY, and for Again with the Comics (our new site to finally part with 10,000 or so comics we've had for about 20 years).

Publicize a book, service, cause, or other product. We've been at it since 1984, and we've learned how to get the word out on the cheap, with or without a publicist. Chances are, you first heard about us through a write-up in a newspaper or magazine. If there's an idea you want to get out there, an hour or two of brainstorming with us should do the trick.

You name it .. how you can ...
Self-publish the book of your dreams -- or see if you can get a mainstream publisher to bite.
Find a great place to live and raise the kids.
Get your folks to finally develop an estate plan and/or to finally develop one of your own.
Start a home-business as a cushion against hard economic times and to save money on taxes.
Get out of debt or become a smart money manager who knows it pays to focus on debts as much as investments.
Simplify your family's lifestyle without anyone feeling too deprived.

Interested? Tell us how we can be of service in a brief email message you send to advice@goodadvicepress.com. We'll get back to you asap with our thoughts about what the project would cost and what the time frame would be.

Editors and publishers take note: We're always happy for assignments! Let us know what you need and when. We'll get right back to you.

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