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"Negotiating No-No's"
by Marc Eisenson

If you don't need it, don't buy it. If you're not sure you want something, but are mildly tempted by a price reduction, this is probably a bargain you can live without. Sleep on it.

Don't reveal your bottom line. Hold your cards close to your vest, and don't volunteer much information.

It's no bargain if you put it on your credit card, and don't pay the bill off by the due date.Interest could run anywhere from two to five times more than your carefully negotiated price. What a deal!

Don't get angry or give ultimatums you don't mean. But do feel free to push it a bit. What do you have to lose by trying for a better deal? Just keep it light and friendly. When in doubt, think of me saying, yet again, "Remember: Not asking is an automatic 'No!'"

Don't buy NEW if you can possibly avoid it. Comb the newspapers, pennysavers, supermarket bulletin boards, and tag sales for good, used stuff -- be it a refrigerator or ice skates. Used costs a lot less than new, helps save the environment, and is often better made.

Don't shop when you're in a bad mood, when you need a nap, or on an empty stomach. You'll end up hungrier, more tired, cranky, poorer, and angry at yourself for having spent the money.

Don't dicker if it's already a fair price, especially if it's very cheap. There's no need to take advantage of someone just to save a buck.

Don't be an "ugly American" when you travel. Over the long haul, will you really treasure the trinket more if you paid a dime or two less?

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Reprinted from The Pocket Change Investor © 1992, Marc Eisenson & Nancy Castleman

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