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The Banker's Secret Software Package

      The Banker's Secret Loan Software Package was designed by consumer advocate Marc Eisenson to make it easy for you to save a lot of money on your mortgage, credit card bills, and other debts.

      For example, by making advance payments of $25 a month, a family with a $100,000 home loan at 8%, will save more than $23,000 in interest, and more than 3 years of mortgage payments.

      That $25 a month is a sum nobody would notice, invest ... or miss! $200 a month will save over $75,000, enough to finance a college education. The Banker's Secret can also be used to dramatically reduce the cost of refinancing, and of borrowing on most other loans -- home equity, credit cards, cars, education, business, RVs, boats, vacations -- you name it.

      The Banker's Secret Loan Software Package ($39.95) includes Marc Eisenson's highly acclaimed, 235 page hardcover handbook, The Banker's Secret, which provides complete, step-by-step instructions for legally and easily slashing tens of thousands of dollars in otherwise wasted interest costs. The manual explains how to use the program to save money on more than just your current mortgage. You can use the software to shop for a new loan, and to cut the cost of your credit card bills.

      Tip: If you already have a copy of the book, or want to get right to number crunching, order our "no-frills" version. We'll include A Banker's Secret, our best-selling booklet that answers key questions about pre-paying. (What about pre-payment penalties, tax deductions, bi-weeklies, and record keeping?) You'll also receive our user-friendly manual.

      The program includes complete, easy to follow, on-screen instructions for computing 5 different money saving schedules which can easily be personalized for friends and clients, or to make record keeping easy on you. Each schedule was designed to help borrowers project and track their interest savings to the penny, while making sure the bank is properly crediting their payments. If you're in real estate, insurance, sales, banking ... or if you just want to help some people save money on their debts, you'll be able to personalize the schedules by putting in your name and contact information as well as their info.

      Extremely user friendly, The Banker's Secret Loan Software Package is available for all IBM and compatible computers. It works well under all Windows environments. We also have a Macintosh version that comes on a 3.5 inch disk.

      If you're interested in managing your debts -- whether you have adjustable, fixed rate, or bi-weekly mortgages, a pile of credit card bills, and/or variable resources -- The Banker's Secret Loan Software permits unlimited flexibility ... and therefore, maximum savings.

      It also answers typical "What If?" questions. For example, how much will I save with a $25 pre-payment? How about $50? And when shopping for a new loan, or considering refinancing, the software makes it easy to compare loans. If I can afford $1,000 a month, how much can I borrow at 7.5% for 30 years? For 15 years?

      The software is generally shipped within 24 hours after receipt of an order. Available for both IBM and Macintosh computers, it will pay for itself hundreds of times over by saving you a bundle on your mortgage and other loans. Ready to order? Click here.

Here's what some of the experts say:
      "Save thousands on your mortgage ... . The promise of The Banker's Secret is so compelling that it sounds too good to be true ... . Amazingly it's both legal and true ... . The whole package is controlled by a simple menu interface that even harried homeowners can master in minutes."
-- Winn L.Rosch
PC Magazine

Overall Performance: ****
Documentation: ****
Ease of Use: ****
      "This package is a valuable financial tool for everyone who has a mortgage, is thinking of getting one, or is involved in financial planning for others."
-- Lisa Kleinholz (www.kleinholz.com)
Home Office Computing

      "The secret in this program is saving money on your home mortgage, something that perhaps bankers and other lenders do not want you to know about ... . At its price, and considering what it can do, The Banker's Secret is a bargain."

-- Pat Goodman
PCM Magazine

      "... you have done a great job of putting the program together."

-- Charles J. Givens
Author, Wealth Without Risk

      "With the program's help, I discovered that by adding about $18 per month to my mortgage payment, I can save over $20,000 in interest, pay off my mortgage 64 months early, and simplify my record keeping."

-- G.M.Vose
PC Resource

      "It's hard to exaggerate how much money this program can help the homeowner save ... . It takes about a minute to figure out how to use ... [and] the results can be startling ... . The package comes with Marc Eisenson's book, The Banker's Secret, which is helpful for anyone who has a mortgage or who is thinking of buying a home."

-- Peter Lewis
The New York Times

      Also recommended by: Forbes, BusinessWeek, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, Kiplinger's Washington Letter, Sylvia Porter's, Associated Press ("Compubug"), Personal Computing, Computer Currents, and Byte.

100% guaranteed. "No quibble" refund policy.

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