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"Slash Your Debt: Save Money and Secure Your Future"

"A person could go broke buying all the books on the market about how to reduce one's debt. One sure fire way to find the best references is to check the credentials of the authors. With this criterion in mind, "Slash Your Debt" by Gerri Detweiler, Marc Eisenson and Nancy Castleman is clearly a wise choice. The authors are three of the most respected names in consumer journalism. They also are pragmatic, clear thinking realists who focus on no-nonsense ways to consolidate debts without falling for pitfalls, such as shaky mortgage arrangements and high interest loans."
-- Jeannie Blake, The People Helper
New Orleans Times-Picayune

"Perhaps no one has done more to promote the debt-reduction strategy of making modest monthly pre-payments on a mortgage's principal than Marc Eisenson and Nancy Castleman. ... Two weeks ago, Financial Literacy Center published their latest volume for the in-the-red readership. In "Slash Your Debt: Save Money and Secure Your Future," Eisenson and Castleman again team up with local author, credit and debt whiz Gerri Detweiler to make debt consolidation, refinancing mortgage loans, and credit reports, etc., unpainfully clear."
-- Don Oldenburg, Staff Writer
Washington Post

"Slash Your Debt" contains a wealth of information on making the journey to debt-free living. Authors Gerri Detweiler, Marc Eisenson and Nancy Castleman aim to provide "a comprehensive guide to debt consolidation." They cover the basics and then some on debt-consolidation loans, getting help from debt counselors, and avoiding traps such as advance-fee loans and bill-paying services."
-- Harry Wessel, Syndicated Columnist
Orlando Sentinel

"If consolidation is your main goal, Eisenson's book is a must-read."
-- Jean Sherman Chatzky, Personal Finance
USA Weekend

"The new book, "Slash Your Debt: Save Money and Secure Your Future," is a step-by-step approach to consolidating loans in an intelligent and money-saving way."
-- Robert Hordt, Business Editor
Asbury Park Press

"Slash Your Debt: Save Money and Secure Your Future" by Marc Eisenson, Gerri Detweiler and Nancy Castleman. Written by a well-known trio of debt experts, "Slash Your Debt" offers smart, real-life advice about debt consolidation and debt reduction. This relatively think little book is packed with strategies, work sheets and charts to help debtors dig their way out and learn ways to best manage their credit in the future."
-- Liz Pulliam, Staff Writer
The Los Angeles Times

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