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Here's hoping it helps you save money, get out of debt, and live better on less. To read the whole issue, click here, or click on the links below for specific articles.

  • Does It Pay to Pre-Pay Low-Rate Mortgages? Even if you just have a vague sense of the advice Marc Eisenson and I have shared over the last nineteen years, you know how we're going to answer this question: "You betcha it pays to pre-pay!" Truth is, even we were surprised by how great the savings can be.
  • Shame on You, Dell! Thinking about getting a computer for yourself or a loved one? Read this cautionary, counter-intuitive tale, even if you think you're a smart shopper!
  • The Value of a Life. Maybe, like author Larry Roth, your initial instinct is to go along with the propositions to put limits on medical malpractice lawsuits. But can we legislate the price or limits on the price of a life?
  • Driving a Car Insurance Bargain. It's easy to save hundreds on car insurance - maybe even more. Wouldn't you like that moolah in your pocket? We'll show you how to keep it there, even if you've got a teen or two.
  • Our New Year's Gift to You - THE Best Cheesecake Recipe. I don't mean to brag, but even our Italian relations, who swear by a ricotta cheesecake, admit this one's terrific. It's also very easy, low in fat, and quick to make.
There are a few other post-holiday gifts for you in this issue - first off, we're saving you time by keeping it short. We've also come out with a no-frills version of our loan software package. Our final gift is to make it easy for you to give yourself a credit card makeover, now that those holiday bills are coming in. We hope you enjoy this FREE e-issue, and that you'll forward it to everyone you think might benefit from our ideas.

Marc and I Wish You the Happiest, Healthiest, and Safest New Year!
Nancy Castleman

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